Mirfin Dashboard – Frequently asked questions

How does the Mirfin Dashboard simplify complex management? Insurance alerts: see which buildings are over- or underinsured. Live valuation updates: view your building’s current replacement value at any time. One-click quotations: get a Mirfin quote for your loaded buildings with a single click. Admin fund budgeting: use our online template to create and manage your […]

Contents valuations – All you need to know | Frequently asked questions

A contents valuation involves assessing the worth of personal possessions and belongings within a house or flat, encompassing items like furniture, electronics, jewelry, clothing, and other valuable assets. Its significance lies in ensuring accurate insurance coverage, aiding in financial planning, and providing essential documentation in case of loss, theft, or damage.  A proper valuation enables […]

Municipal Rates Objections: What you need to know

Objecting to municipal rates refers to the process where residents formally dispute or challenge the charges imposed by their municipality for property rates, services, and other related fees.  This objection typically involves submitting a formal complaint or objection to the municipality, citing specific reasons or grounds for disputing the rates. The aim is to seek […]

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