Municipal Rates

Contesting your municipal rates & taxes

The mass appraisal techniques used for the municipality’s General Valuation Roll leave ample room for error. However, the Municipal Property Rates Act (MPRA) does make provision for errors to be corrected through the Supplementary Roll. Most property owners only become aware of their updated valuations once they receive their first new rates invoice.
If you believe that the municipal valuer has over-valued your property, you should contest this and – if properly motivated and justifiable – the municipal valuer will amend it.

How to object

The municipality will provide objection instructions on its website and make objection forms available for download. Submissions are required to be made within the advertised time window, either electronically or in-person at one of the specified venues. Early or late objections have little prospect of being considered, except in special circumstances.

It is important to provide a motivation as to why you believe that the municipal valuation is incorrect. Such motivation is usually backed by an independent, professional valuation. A mere comparison with adjacent properties on the valuation roll will not suffice as a motivation for an objection. If you don’t agree with the municipality’s decision following your objection you have made, you can appeal.

How to appeal

To appeal the municipality’s objection decision, the instructions advertised on its website must be followed, usually also within a specified time window. It is important to note that some properties might not be eligible for the appeal process. As with objections, appeals must be adequately motivated.

How Mirfin can assist

A comprehensive market price valuation by a professional valuer is required to successfully challenge the municipal valuation. Property owners, especially owners of income-generating properties, will need a well-motivated valuation to support their objection lodged against the municipal valuation.
Only a seasoned valuer is equipped with the knowledge and experience required to argue the municipal valuer’s assessment in case you feel that your property has been over- or underrated. We will provide you with a fully motivated and independent market price valuation which you may use in support of your objection.