Mirfin Dashboard – Frequently asked questions

How does the Mirfin Dashboard simplify complex management?
  1. Insurance alerts: see which buildings are over- or underinsured.
  2. Live valuation updates: view your building’s current replacement value at any time.
  3. One-click quotations: get a Mirfin quote for your loaded buildings with a single click.
  4. Admin fund budgeting: use our online template to create and manage your budget.
  5. Reserve fund planning: keep your 10-year maintenance plan compliant and up-to-date.
  6. Cash flow planning: avoid special levies by creating a financial roadmap for your body corporate.
  7. Levy calculations: view your levy schedule in real time.
  8. Share: enable your colleagues and clients to participate in managing your schemes.
  9. Document storage: find your valuation report, 10-year plan, insurance policy, sectional plans etc. in one place.

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How much does is cost to get access to the Mirfin Dashboard?

Nothing, it’s free!

(Note: Some functionality requires an active valuation and/or 10-year maintenance plan subscription.)

Create my Dashboard account

How do I access the Mirfin Dashboard?

You will receive your login credentials for the Mirfin Dashboard when you first request a quotation on the Mirfin website.

Alternatively, click the “Create account” link on the sign-in page to get started. You can now easily add buildings to your portfolio, request quotations, manage 10-year plans and admin budgets, and view a property’s insurance status.

In case you have forgotten your password, please reset your password.

I can’t remember my password – now what?

No problem, you can easily reset your password by clicking the I forgot my password link and following the prompts.

Create my Dashboard account

Do I need to sign in every time I visit the Mirfin Dashboard?

Not at all! You only need to sign in once, and your browser will keep you signed in until you choose to actively log out.

Sign in to the Mirfin Dashboard

How do I enable my clients to access the Mirfin Dashboard?

Simple: click the “Share” icon to allocate your clients to the selected property profile.

Alternatively, select a property, click the button “User Profiles”, and then click the “Invite Users” link or icon to add your clients.

Be sure to allocate an appropriate role and access level to each invited user.

A user profile will be created and login credentials automatically emailed to the added users.

Important: Don‘t share your password with anyone!

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The Mirfin Dashboard does not work as expected – what now?


Your internet browser stores data and images from visited websites to avoid downloading everything again when you re-visit those websites. This data is stored in your browser cache and becomes outdated when a website is updated or upgraded by its owner. This tends to cause a conflict when your browser wants to display the stored information, but the website wants to push the new information. It is, therefore, necessary to occasionally clear your browser cache.

Cookies are created when you visit a new website to identify you and to improve your web browsing experience. These are also stored locally by your browser, and it is advisable to clear them regulartly to improve browser performance.


  1. Clear your browser cache.
  2. Clear all cookies for the domain “mirfin.co.za”.
  3. Hard re-fresh your browser (Ctrl + Shift + R).

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What is Mirfin’s “Low-Price Guarantee”?

We pledge to beat any price for the same service offering. However, in the event of a reduced fee, Mirfin’s professional liability will be adjusted to that of its direct competitor.
But why put yourself personally at risk for the sake of saving the body corporate a few hundred rand?

Get a quote

Why choose Mirfin for your property valuation?

Best price guarantee

We will beat any price for the same service offering.

20 years

We are industry pioneers and industry leaders for over 20 years.

600 000 + clients

We’re a South African nationwide property valuation services provider for homeowners, property managers, insurers, brokers & attorneys.

One-click quotations

No time for filling in forms? Just click the button for an instant quote and share it with your clients.

98% service coverage

Our surveyors are situated in the densely populated areas of Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, East London and Mossel Bay.

17% extra discount

Save on average 17% in premiums for your insurance broker with Mirfin’s property insurance valuation report .

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