Commercial property valuations – All you need to know | Frequently asked questions

A commercial property valuation refers to the professional assessment conducted by qualified valuers to determine the market value of a commercial property. This valuation process considers numerous factors such as the property’s location, size, condition, income potential, comparable sales, rental income, expenses, and prevailing market trends. It aims to ascertain the worth of the property in the current market scenario and is utilised for various purposes including sales, insurance, acquisitions, financing, taxation, lease agreements, and investment decisions related to commercial real estate.

A commercial property can also be assessed for its replacement cost for the purpose of obtaining adequate insurance cover.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive regarding commercial property valuations.

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All you need to know about Commercial property valuations.

Who conducts commercial property valuations?

Certified property valuers, often experienced in commercial real estate, perform commercial property valuations. Professional valuers possess expertise and experience in property valuations. They use standardised methods and have access to current market data, enabling them to provide an accurate estimation of your property's value. Their knowledge helps in considering various factors that influence property prices, ensuring a more precise valuation.

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What does the valuation report include?

Mirfin’s professional commercial property valuation report includes:

  • A detailed description of the property and its environment
  • A detailed description of the building, including design, construction, building materials, etc.
  • Risk and maintenance observations such as overall state of maintenance, fire safety, security, retaining walls, etc.
  • A detailed breakdown of the building’s construction cost
  • An analysis of comparable sales and rentals
  • Income capitalisation calculation
  • Interior and exterior photographs
  • Supporting documents such as title deed information, site diagrams, aerial imagery etc.
What factors influence the valuation of a commercial property?

There are many factors that can affect the valuation of a commercial property, such as:

  • Location of the property
  • Size of the property
  • Condition of the property and the improvements thereon
  • Income capitalisation
  • Comparable sales & rentals in the vicinity
  • The property’s renovation potential 
  • Nearby amenities
  • State of the economy

However, not only the factors, but also the valuation method used to assess a commercial property is essential to ensuring that it is priced correctly.

For example, consider a situation in which you want to get a bank loan and your property is going to be used as security in return for providing credit facilities. Which valuation method should be chosen? Your bank will typically insist on a valuation based on the market value. By understanding the property's market value, they gain insight into its potential resale value, allowing for a more accurate estimation of the funds they could recoup in case of a lender default.

But the market value approach is not the right choice in case you want to insure your commercial property, because in case of insurance, a replacement cost should be defined.

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How often should I get a commercial property revalued?

While South African legislation doesn't specify the frequency for commercial property revaluations, property owners bear the responsibility of conducting these assessments prudently. The timeline for reassessment can vary significantly based on multiple factors, including interest rate fluctuations, sectoral changes, market dynamics, alterations in property use, loan renewals, or policy adjustments by lenders.

Commercial property owners should also remain attentive to various local triggers necessitating property revaluation, such as shifts in local zoning regulations, emerging developments in the area, or substantial property improvements. These factors, alongside rapid macroeconomic changes, emphasize the importance of periodic revaluations.

Industry standards recommend reassessing commercial properties every 3 to 5 years as a benchmark. However, this timeline isn't rigid and should be adjusted based on specific property circumstances and market dynamics. Mirfin’s commercial property valuers stay informed about all these factors to be able to help property owners align valuations with current market realities and make informed decisions regarding their commercial assets.

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What is the difference between a commercial and residential property?

A commercial property is real estate that is used for business purposes, such as retail stores, office buildings, factories, restaurants, healthcare facilities, etc.

A residential property is specifically used for personal accommodation. Examples include stand-alone houses, apartment buildings, homeowner associations, etc.

Can I get a valuation for a mixed-use property?

Mirfin is experienced in determining the value of mixed-use properties. 

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What is Mirfin’s “Low-Price Guarantee”?

We pledge to beat any price for the same service offering. However, in the event of a reduced fee, Mirfin’s professional liability will be adjusted to that of its direct competitor.
But why put yourself personally at risk for the sake of saving the body corporate a few hundred rand?

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