Our Company

The early beginnings

Mirfin was founded in the early 2000’s with the intention of providing bond originations with a unique twist. However, when we started running low on cash in the face of more heavily funded competitors, we pivoted to the insurance sector within the first year of launching.

At the time, the “big” money was in bank valuations which left the insurance sector largely unnoticed by valuers. As we started picking up the crumbs, a handful of property managers and insurance brokers became aware of Mirfin and, soon, we found ourselves immersed in a brand-new market segment of sectional title valuations.

What makes us different?

Mirfin has positioned itself differently within the sectional title industry through an instinct for opportunities, a penchant for top-quality service delivery, process automation and our “proptech” solutions that remain unrivalled, even in overseas markets.

We are technology-centric in everything we do, and we re-invest more than 80% of Mirfin’s operational profit in software development and digital marketing.

Advancing the industry

As one of the proptech front-runners in the industry and with an unrelenting dedication to process optimisation, we aim to become an indispensable and omnipresent service provider in the property and insurance industries. Watch this space!