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Municipal rates in Johannesburg – have you checked your property values?

Every municipality is compelled by law to adopt a rates policy annually. This is preceded by a property ratings and valuation process that categorises each property in order to determine its market value as at 1 July 2017. This data is then compiled in a general valuation roll which will be implemented on 1 July 2018.

The new property levy will be determined based on the market value allocated to your property in a mass appraisal procedure. The mass appraisal techniques used by the General Valuation Roll leave ample room for error. All ratepayers will be afforded the opportunity to view the valuation roll and object to the municipal valuation if they do not agree with the assigned value. If you believe the municipal valuer has over-valued your property, you should contest this and - if justified - the municipal valuer will amend it. If an objection is not lodged during the advertised objection period there is very little prospect of having the municipal valuation amended, except in special circumstances.

We have summarised the available information and some important dates and deadlines to be diarised:

30 January:

Valuation roll signed by the municipal valuer and submitted to the municipal manager, following which it will be published in the government gazette and newspapers.

February 2018:

Municipality publishes valuation roll in gazette and newspapers; All homeowners will be notified of the new value of their property in writing and be invited to inspect the roll and lodge an objection if they wish to do so.

20 Feb - 6 Apr:

Municipality opens the valuation roll for public inspection at the municipal offices and online.

20 February:

Objection period starts (duration 45 days); Objections can be lodged at 12 centres around Johannesburg or online on the City of Johannesburg’s website.

06 April:

Objection period ends; submissions received after this deadline will not be considered.

09 April:

Municipal valuers start reviewing objections.

01 July:

Effective date - implementation of General Valuation Roll 2018 (new property rates apply from this date).

After 01 July:

Municipality notifies property owners of objection outcome; Appeals received from dissatisfied objectors; Appeal board hearings; Appellants notified of appeal board outcome.

Do not forego your right to object to an incorrect valuation by missing the City of Johannesburg’s deadline of 6 April 2018.

Get an independent and objective market price valuation from Mirfin to support your objection.


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